A learning journey through the land of sugar
A learning journey through the land of sugar

The inspiration for this blog came from a number of personal life experiences.  One, my own battle with high blood pressure. Two, a brother and a male friend diagnosed with diabetes; and three, searching for a means to just feel healthy.

July of 2012 I signed up for the Naturally Slim program that was offered through my work, along with one of my colleagues named Sam. Together we began a journey along this four month course seeking knowledge about portion sizes, how to regulate fat, and how to avoid salt and sugar when possible; and tips on dieting and exercise.

While the program didn’t really help me with any huge weight loss, it did teach me about maintaining the weight I was at. It also showed me a side of sugar that I had never heard about – the toxic side.

What I discovered while on the Naturally Slim program  has dramatically helped to change  my eating habits  and train me to look much more closely at foods high in carbohydrates;  and  to understand the sugar Glycemic index – and how that pertains to my overall health.

The following link  will act as  a primer to some  of the  material I hope to touch on in this blog.  It’s all about  sugar,  those little carbohydrates, better known as CARBS. http://www.sugarstacks.com/beverages.htm

Sugar and Me

I have known for some time that my blood pressure was high, and  I had a physician assistant who placed me on blood pressure medication for over a year.  It wasn’t until I developed walking pneumonia that I decided to seek the advice of a “real doctor”.  He immediately took me off the blood pressure mediation that I had been prescribed, because it was what was causing my lungs to fill with fluid. It was a form of medicated pneumonia.   I also wasn’t surprised when he confronted me about knocking the sugar out of my diet and to stop wasting my life away.  He  informed me that while I was at it, I needed to drop off some weight.  He wrote me out a new prescription for my high blood pressure that wouldn’t affect my lungs, scheduled a two week appointment, and let me know I WAS going to do what he said. Pushy little guy, but I listened!

It’s been nearly two years since that visit to my doctor.  In that time I have dropped over 60 pounds, and took up walking, and lap swimming.  I have two gym passes and use them regularly.  My physical health is better, my mental and emotional health is better, and I am happy again.  It’s still a struggle to diet and stay away from sugar, it probably always will be.  The best way for me keep on track is to research the facts behind my sugar addiction, and document my discoveries.

No one loved sugar more than me – I lived and breathed  the stuff.  I would get up in the morning and wolf down a doughnut and a pot of coffee before work, snack mid-day on a Hersey’s’ bar, and then hit the office candy dish off-and-on, all day long.  I was a sugar addict – hooked harder than a crack junkie.  I also gulped down a can or two  of Diet Dr. Pepper as part of my daily fluid intake.

Have you ever had one of those moments when you just have to have that cola? Do you need it “Ice cold and bubbly”?  We give our kids these drinks everyday as treats !  

The video below is from the New York City Health Department, and it describes who I was.   I was just like the guy in the video, or the woman sitting next to him.

Food War

I want to present an example of an individual who I perceive to be lost in a food war.  This past weekend I was sitting at a table at the Red Cliffs Lodge Resort, a trendy little resort and spa just miles away from small community of Moab Utah. I am sitting with a group of friends attending a banquet for a local charity.  Towards the end of the meal I find myself  observing my friend who is a diabetic; she’s scarfing down a giant chocolate cookie. Considering she had just eaten a plate with at least 300 carbohydrates (carbs) or more in it – for her to top it off with an additional 300 carb cookie was beyond excessive.  If you consider the average person should only have between 45 and 60 carbs a meal – what is 600 carbs doing to my friends’ body?  She immediately popped one of her diabetic pills into her mouth  to balance  her sugar, flipped her hair back,  giggled,  and went on eating her cookie.   I’m not a diabetic but I only had 55 carbs the entire night!

There is a  war going on at the dinner table.  What should you  consume?  American’s seeking a pill fix instead of using common sense – that’s war.  The food industry has us all in it’s evil little mittens too.  Eat this, eat that, don’t eat those, eat low fat, skim this, boil that –   It’s all regulated!  A regulated food war to put big bucks in someones pocket at the expense of the American diet.


Some of the things tat I want to cover in this blog next in  the following  weeks  have to deal with:

  1. Food politics and how the food industry has manipulated the avenge consumer into believing a food pyramid  can save an obese nation.  A pyramid built on ideologies that have nothing to do with sound nutritional advice.
  2. I want to also address the issue of sugar toxicity, and present some “how to examples” of getting rid of a large chuck of the sugar out of  your diet.  I’m not a dietitian and I don’t claim to be one, but I do have a fair amount of common sense.
  3. We will look at the sugar Glycemic indexes and learn more about Carbohydrates.
  4. To be fair I will talk about eating sugar in moderation, and how it can be  “good” for the soul”.  Moderation being the key.
  5. And more.