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Don’t count your chickens

Dance Champions Coop - Hens only!

Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.

Sometimes we forget to think about the future when we start to count our chickens before they are hatched. That old cliche’ has gone around the old hen house more than once.

Ever wonder why things don’t turn out the way you want them too? Wonder why someone else got the lead in the dance and you didn’t? Or why you got the lead – but really didn’t want it? It probably has to do with chickens.

Yes… you heard me right, chickens.

The real problem that younger dancers struggle with is “peer” pressure. You are pressured to be the best, act the best, hang with the best, dance the best, etc…. Whew~! Talk about burn out. Being the best all the time is hard work. As a matter of fact – it is spoiled work! Spoiled, as in rotten.

Sometimes we allow our friends to hen peck us into submitting to their likes and dislikes. We generally find that even well after we have given in to the pressure – inside we feel incomplete. We feel like something is missing. That something little chicks is called “self respect”. Fortunately the loathing feeling is curable! 🙂 Self Respect can be renewed very easily. Just believe in “You”

When you start to stand up to the peer pressure and emerge into that hen you always knew you could be, then you’ll start to feel like your old self again. Happy, content, and rested.

Bad hair day “honey” cluck!

Prom Queen

Drama takes energy chickee’s. It takes a lot of un-necessary brain energy away from your well being.

Think about what I’m saying real hard:
“Close your eyes and imagine you are a little chick newly hatched. You bust onto the dancing hen scene with a little crack in the side of the egg. You can’t wait to be free from the boundaries that
have held you so tightly for so long. Your little downy fluff is so soft and smooth – you are priceless.

Then…at the very moment your head is fully freed from it’s shell you hear clucking sounds all around you. Each clucker trying to out cluck the next….. cluck, cluck, cluck. You quietly “peep peep”, but the sweet little sound is quickly stifled by the obsessive clucking.

Not only do you have to walk in that hen house – you have to survive it. Giving into the pressure is easy. Hanging true to your values – now that’s the hard part.

So you say you don’t think you are a chicken? Good. Don’t let what others think guide you into losing site of your values and your goals. BE a Rooster@! Crow! Rule the roost.

So, what does this all have to do with dance? Everything. Just because someone claims they are the best, and they deserve the “special spots, doesn’t necessarily mean its true. Generally, it is the other way around. They are clucking their little hearts out hoping to keep the sweet chicks down.

High school doesn’t last forever “thank goodness”… Once you leave the hen house (school) you will get the chance to take your feathers out for a test drive. College is a good place to do that.

Be your own bird. If a chicken is all you will ever be – then by gully, be the best dang bird you can be. Don’t let your feathers get in a ruffle if some spoiled clucker gets front and center. Just shine it on, knowing that you are goal minded and haven’t lost your values.

Be your best – not someone else’s best. Rise above the roofs!

🙂 Giggle snort reporting

Originally posted 4/2009