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Crickets Dance Camp 6/16-17 Father’s Day Special!


It was fun to see everyone today.  Had a lot of fun!  Tomorrow is hip hop – yea!!!  Thanks to Malina (Grand County High School Devilette) for helping out!  It is fun to get together on the off season and work together.

Learning the dance to Bombay was a good experience.  I was proud to see everyone remembered most of the dance at the review at the end.  You guys looked awesome.  Can’t wait to see what you do with the Hip Hop tomorrow.

I look forward to working with may of you this next year with your individual solo’s , team and ballet  classes.  


A Beautiful Distraction


A Beautiful Distraction

Teaching learning. How do you  teach someone to learn?  It’s a beautiful distraction.

Learning to teach isn’t quite the same when you realize you have to train others on what you’ve just learned.  You must offer the simplest and traditional training first.  It is here, that you make the decision of what not to do as well.

A Vision of Dance.  It’s a Beautiful Distraction.

New approaches are only incorporated when you understand that some change or actions can work, and work well.  New approaches should be looked at,  as beautiful distractions.  But, not everyone will adapt to new approaches, or accept outside assistance.  Some will fight off change no matter what – even if that change is the substance necessary to make things better in their studios, or their own personal performance, etc.

Good teachers research their subject.  But how do you teach research?  With tutorials?  How do you write the tutorial without the research? Or without the teacher?  Or even without the student to learn?

Somewhere in time,  someone (maybe you)  took on, or will take on,  the task of inventing  a dance process by which others will benefit.  When  a process is finally viewed for the first time by others, many begin to understand the pain staking hours that it takes to learn,  teach, research and write out,  an explanation of a  vision.  A vision of Dance.  It’s a beautiful distraction.

Dance Choreography is “A Beautiful Distraction”.  You take the very raw elements of dance technique and music and you incorporate your own personal vision.  You can add pieces of emotion, and suspense.  You learn to talk and express a story using your body, and facial features, even the use of your hair flowing as you turn and move.  You feel the movements of dance in your soul.

Dance, like with all the arts,  is perceived differently from one individual to the next.  It takes time, energy, and patience,  to make your dream a reality.  It is the lucky artist however, who is able to reach a vast audience.

Sunday Snapshot: Canyon Repose

Follow your dreams – look into your own “beautiful distractions” that come your way.  One of those distractions may be that rainbow that you have been waiting for.

To all those I’ve ever taught, or will teach,  I just want you to know, that having you in my life is a “Beautiful Distraction”.  You make up a very colorful rainbow.  Thanks for the  Skittles! Dance on, there are a lot more rainbows to come.

To see the article from Sunday Snapshot:  Canyon Repose, click HERE

It’s a Beautiful Distraction!

National Dance Day

NATIONAL DANCE DAY, is a grassroots initiative that encourages the nation, young and old, to move! Individuals, families, organizations and communities from across the nation come together through their creative expression in dance. Any style of dance is welcome and imagination is recommended in order to get the most out of this celebratory day



Step outside your dance genre and experience with other dancers that something that bounds us

all together – DANCE!  Learn more about National Dance Day on their website on Facebook  MORE

Also check out Dizzy Feet for more information and learn this years  Dance Day routines:  SHOW ME THE ROUTINES!

National Dance Day is something fun to experience with your students.  Use it for the theme around your next try-outs or awards ceremonies.  Teach your students the importance of belonging to something bigger than where they are at in the world.  Let them know they are part of a larger family of dancers from all over the country; and the world.

Have an  essay and/or  poster contests.  Have your team practice and submit their dance – maybe it will get posted live for everyone to see.   Submit your teams video!  Utah!!! You need  delegates!  Know someone?  Submit their video and name to National Dance Day.

Have fun dancers!  Keep your self in the know!  Dance, Live, Life, & Love!

Keeping up with “Busy”

All throughout high school I found myself always keeping up with “Busy”.  Ever felt that “Busy” was winning?  Many times I did.  Between school work, dance, student government, AP classes, and whatever else I was into at any point in time – “Busy” was always there.  Even going out with friends became “Busy”.

But somehow I didn’t notice.  After college, I kept  looking for “Busy”.  It found me!  Now days, with a 40 hour work week, a 2nd job, plus teaching dance – “Busy”  would be me.

I’m starting to learn that I can use lower case “busy”, and have added a new word called “relaxation”.

I’m not getting old – just “Wiser”.  “Wiser tells me, that “relaxation” will keep “busy” under control.  “Wiser” and I are real good friends now.  We actually practice “relaxation” together.

Once in a while “Busy” suggests I add a fourth or fifth job to add to my list.  But, “Wiser” has taught me that “relaxation” is a better friend.

I do hope that you get your “Busy” under control.  “Relaxation” is always there – you just need “Wiser” to introduce you.