Ballet Barr – Merry Christmas Everyone!

When first we met I was so young, barely able to walk or run. I reached and reached, and finally I grew, and when my fingers touched that’s when I knew.

You were my first friend. You held me up when I could not turn. You gave me strength, and with strength courage grew. Soon I was able to go up on those toes, and then a turn, and then two.

The years have past, but you’ve been there for me always alas. Now my fingers they reach down, they gently touch the old wood of time. I embrace its feel and turn to look at the face in the mirror I see – It’s me all grown up.

My old friend look at me, for it is because of you I stand today. With pose, with grace, with honor in this place.

My friend whom I’ve never thanked until today. Just a solid piece of wood mounted on the wall made of clay. Humbly I say that your friendship has helped lead the way – from childhood to graduation day.

My prayers I lift up and say, that someday my own children will find this way. That they too may so ever sweetly reach up and touch, this same friendship – a bond between two. That you dear old friend will guide their way, as you have guided mine all these days.


Port de bras[“carriage of the arms”]:

1. How a dancer uses his arms.

2. Specific movements of the arms, as first port de bras, second port de bras, etc.

3. Sometimes used instead of cambré. A grand port de bras is a circular bend, either toward the barre, then down, then up away from the barre, and then backward and back toward the barre: or the same thing in the opposite direction.

Team Leaders “a letter from the past”

(A letter to our team mates, the year is 2000)

Dear Team Member,

Wow, school is about over, and it‘s time to hit the dance floor for competitions! We are so excited about the dance season. We team leaders spent the past few months doing odd jobs (we raked leaves, detailed cars, baby sat, etc) to raise money for some special activities that we as team leaders wanted to do for our team.

We would like you to know that we really are glad to be members of such a great group of dancers. Being a member of this team is like being in a family, we are a big group of sisters (and brothers).

Unity is what makes our team get along and become good friends with each other. If there is no unity it can affect the way our team dances. We want unity to be our #1 priority as team leaders this year.

Many of us have known each other most of our lives, and are all good friends. But, we want to have the opportunity to get to know all the NEW dancers/cheerleaders, and become friends with them as well.

New team members are like throwing a sack of mini kisses into a mix of cookie dough – they add flavor. The final product is always something yummy!

Encouragement is very important in team bonding. If team members try to motivate one another, everyone will try harder to accomplish team objectives.

We would like to help with team building this year, by finding out what the TEAM WANTS to accomplish as a group, and what EACH DANCER WANTS to accomplish. Everyone should be preparing a goal sheet, we hope you will take the time to fill one out and put them in the TEAM BOX. We want to recognize your goals !

New Traditions “Spirit”:
Spirit is important to a team. We have some funky little dance cheers that we would like to teach everyone this year. We have follow me cheers, spirit cheers, victory cheers, line up cheers, and more. This really helps the younger dancers be a part of something with the older girls.

We made each cheer fun so that everyone will enjoy them. The best part is that we can take these cheers to competition and really have a good time using them to our benefit.

We believe that everyone, from the minis to the varsity team is a leader. Whenever a member of this team puts on that team jacket and wears it in public, you represent this team. You become a leader in the eyes of your peers.

We all understand that once we enter onto that dance floor “we leave our rank at the door.” We are part of a team – no member is greater than the other – we are equals. We are a real team, sisters, brothers, and friends.

We need your help:
A team leader manual is being constructed. This manual will list all the ideas we have gathered so far, and ideas from individual submissions. At the end of the year we will pass down this manual to the new team leader representatives. Please help us build this manual by submitting your ideas. Help support the teams of the future. It’s a TEAM EFFORT! Parents are welcome to submit their ideas too!

What is a team leader?:
We feel the idea behind being a team leader is to MOTIVATE, not push or yell at people. The best we can do as team leaders is to try to set a good example in all we do. We hope that you will give us the opportunity and your support as we work toward establishing new traditions, strengthening team unity, and developing new friendships.

We will be working on Game ideas, Bulletin boards, b-day recognitions, team gatherings, spirit, cheers, and more…… that is what team leaders are all about. It is going to be a great year!

Spirit Cheers:

Hey Hey!
Awesome Awesome
You are SOooo AWESOME!

We are proud of you Hey Hey!
We are proud of you

Pump em up Cheers:
R-E-D- R-O-C-K
Red Rock , Red Rock
Red Rock Stars

You Gotta
You Gotta
You Gotta wanna
You gotta wanna what?
You Gotta
You Gotta
You Gotta wanna Dance

Victory Cheers:
Stars, Stars
Red Rock Stars
Go Red Rock Stars

Follow me Cheer:
Let me hear you say – dance
Let me hear you say cheer
Let me hear you say life
Dance – cheer – life
Dance – cheer – life
Dance – cheer – life

Lets go team – lets go
Every body go(clap, clap, clap)
Lets go team – lets go
Every body go (jump, jump, jump)
Lets go team – lets go
Every body go (step right, step left, Step right, step left)
Lets go team – lets go
Every body go
YELL (“Red Rock”) (“Red Rock”) (“Red Rock”)
Lets go team – lets go
Every body go (turn in a circle, clap hands over head Turn back, clap hands over head )
Lets go team – lets go
Every body go
(YELL-Go, Go, Go, Go)

Line Up Cheers:
Red Rock Stars are here to stay
Dancing dancing the time away
Line Up! Guide Right!
Line Up! Guide Right!
Red Rock Stars are here to stay

Everybody Dance !
Dance, Dance, Dance
Everybody Dance!
Dance, Dance, Dance
Yeah, Yeah, yeah (Jump, jump, jump)

Our Mission as dancers/cheerleaders, and our responsibility to each other:

1. Constantly reinforce the fact that it takes each member of our squad to make a team. Not just one awesome jumper, flyer or tumbler. We celebrate each team member’s birthday and other special occasions.

2. We eat lunch together in school every Friday.

3. We have group hugs.

4. We go on “squad only” outings to the movies every other week.

5. We have a sleep over to start the year.

6. We have big sister, little sister so the new squad members don’t feel like outsiders.

7. We play team building and trust games. You can find these games in books at the local bookstore.

8. We dress alike at practice to reinforce the fact that we are a team.

9. Lots of talking. If something’s bothering someone, don’t hold it in. Talk to a coach about it. We have squad meetings to clear the air of problems.

10. We had a huge Twister-fest. Everyone who had the game Twister
brought it in and we played a huge game of it at the end of practice.

11. We had a private cheer camp. It was only us and we really got to know each other.

12. We have secret pals.

13. We do a mother/daughter or mother/son outing for team members.

14. The kids are so proud when one of their cheers or dance moves are in the routine. They enjoy teaching each other the moves. We encourage this.

15. We go coach and coach volunteer recognition day.

Cricket and Tomi

I know these items above are old. But what has really changed in all those years? Nothing. Spirit and Unity will always be my theme. The team name may change, the people may change, but not the way we treat each other.

Spirit in Unity – it matters!