Let your little light shine

Let your light shine

It is better to light a single candle than to cure the darkness…..

Sometimes we attempt to try and make “all things better”, only to learn that it is the simple things that slip past us, or help to keep us balanced. Even in dance you have to have a balance. You can’t make all the problems fade away, that’s a reality of life. But, what you can do, is light a candle and see who is drawn to the light.

Those who have experienced dance at the core of their being will understand what I’m saying. Those who don’t understand, have yet to experience the sensation of accomplishment in the raw, nor have they felt defeat, and used that defeat to rise again. To many It’s just memorized steps or a social game. It’s over very quickly, so take a look at what is lost.

Those moments of victory found in dance – can be the same as defeat if not nourished by something warm and light. It’s all in how you wrap it. Winning can be cold. Winning can be lonely. More friends are bound to come when you are down than when you are up. There are a lot of “fixers” in the world of dance, and nobody likes a bragger.

To draw people into a winning environment you have to first show you have meaning. You have to care about their wins and their loses.

Too many dancers will follow the current flow where ever it goes – even away from the light. They fear they can’t make it alone.

How you express yourself now, will be the fuel for your tomorrow. Dance can be very cold to those who don’t have the right fuel. If you are lead by trends and clic’s, you probably are looking at the bottom of the tank already. However, for those who are lead by the pure enjoyment of the art of dance, and the feeling it leaves them with – their tanks are on high.

You don’t have to have many in your circle to shine bright. Many doesn’t mean success. Success is what tomorrow brings.

Success is usually only accomplished by the few. That is the reality in the dance world. Most will not succeed. How you burn today will be a sure sign of your tomorrow.

Dance is so much more than memorized steps and a popularity clic~. Continue to let your little light shine. See who is drawn to it. See who rises to the flame.

It is better to light a single candle than to cure the darkness…..

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