Month: December 2004


Ballet Barr – Merry Christmas Everyone!

When first we met I was so young, barely able to walk or run. I reached and reached, and finally I grew, and when my fingers touched that’s when I knew.

You were my first friend. You held me up when I could not turn. You gave me strength, and with strength courage grew. Soon I was able to go up on those toes, and then a turn, and then two.

The years have past, but you’ve been there for me always alas. Now my fingers they reach down, they gently touch the old wood of time. I embrace its feel and turn to look at the face in the mirror I see – It’s me all grown up.

My old friend look at me, for it is because of you I stand today. With pose, with grace, with honor in this place.

My friend whom I’ve never thanked until today. Just a solid piece of wood mounted on the wall made of clay. Humbly I say that your friendship has helped lead the way – from childhood to graduation day.

My prayers I lift up and say, that someday my own children will find this way. That they too may so ever sweetly reach up and touch, this same friendship – a bond between two. That you dear old friend will guide their way, as you have guided mine all these days.


Port de bras[“carriage of the arms”]:

1. How a dancer uses his arms.

2. Specific movements of the arms, as first port de bras, second port de bras, etc.

3. Sometimes used instead of cambré. A grand port de bras is a circular bend, either toward the barre, then down, then up away from the barre, and then backward and back toward the barre: or the same thing in the opposite direction.