When to Cheer & When Not Too

Do you know when it’s appropriate to cheer and when it isn’t?

One of the main responsibilities of a Cheerleader is to promote school spirit and good sportsmanship. Your goal should be to involve the fans with your enthusiasm and zeal, but it is also important to know when it’s appropriate to cheer and when it’s not.

As a Cheerleader, you should be a role model that leads the crowd in a positive way, shows respect for the other team’s players and fans, and that always displays proper etiquette.

When to Cheer

• When your team is introduced or comes out on the court or field. You should also clap when your opponents team is introduced.

• When time-outs are called, during half-times, quarters, or periods.

• When your team has made an exceptional play or drive.

• When a player is leaving or coming into the game.

• When an injured player gets up.

• When your team is on offense or defense, do an appropriate cheer.

• When the game is close.

• When your team scores.

When Not to Cheer

• When a player is injured.

• When your team commits a foul against the other team.

• When either team is in huddle.

•When a team makes a mistake or is penalized.

• When the opposing team’s band is playing.

• When signals are being called.

• When you hear negative or insulting chants from the crowd or fans.

• During important announcements.

•While the other squad is cheering.

Other Points to Remember

• Don’t block the view of the spectators with stunts during the game. Save them for time-outs, quarters, or half-times.

• Do not put up a stunt behind a basketball goal during a free throw.

• Make sure you know when your team is on offense or defense.

• It is a nice gesture to welcome the opposing team.

• Show tact if your team is ahead and act gracefully if they are behind.

Cheerleading should be a positive experience, so set a good example. Always act with integrity, fairness and the leadership qualities that Cheerleaders are known for.

When to Cheer and When Not to… Let’s see how much you know about when to cheer.

1. The announcer is introducing the opposing team, what do you do?

Boo and hiss.
Turn your back to them.
Run out to greet them.

n2. Your team has the ball, what kind of cheer would you use?

Whatever comes to mind.
Wouldn’t cheer.

3. A player has been injured, when would you cheer?

As soon as it happens.
Wouldn’t cheer.
When they get up and you know they are all right.
When the paramedics run out on the field.

4. The officials have made what you think is a bad call against your team, what would you do?

Throw stuff on the court or field.
Accept it gracefully.
Run out there and argue with them.
Shout insults to them.

Young cheerleaders have to learn the rule of protocol. If you are an older cheerleader, it really is your responsibility to properly train those under you. When you cheer at the appropriate times – the crowd will follow. If you cheer at inappropriate times – the crowd will not trust you.

Remember, what you do and say is a reflection on your school. You are some of the first people that many people will see when they visit a school. You represent everyone. Your job is one of PR and spirit.

Rally on!

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