First Years – Trio

It takes a lot of courage to pull together a group of friends and decide to do a dance, take that dance to state, and then to nationals.

But, what are friends for if not to try something crazy once in a while.

The girls had a wonderful year!  It was a great experience and one they can use to grow upon.

Dancing in front of a crowd for the first time is often challenging.  The butterfies in your stomach don’t always want to fly just right.  But I think they did a pretty good job of getting those butterfies in line.

I admire the spunk and drive these young ladies presented.  Here they are preforming before the home crowd. Know how hard that is!

To all first years out there, I say “go for it”.  Do what ever it takes  to experience the thrill and excitement of dancing before a crowd.  Keep up the good work ladies!  Proud of You!

Dance on!

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